A day in the life (teacher/musician)

Blog no 6


Its been a while since I’ve written a blog so here is what its like being me. Aside from anything personal, I am just talking about a day musically and what happens. Its great!. Anyone who has the slightest bit of talent or is thinking about moving away from the 9-5 with that awful boss nagging you. Don’t be afraid!. As Nike says “Just Do It” Its the fear that drives you. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a condescending blog of “oooh look at me” not having to take orders off some pencil nosed shite suit wearing corporate slug, well it is a little but its more an opening of the mind that you don’t have to slave away.


Ive been out of my old job in the bank 4 years now and I haven’t looked back. In the beginning it was tough getting to know people in the circuit and finding teaching jobs etc but as I said the mortgage is coming out next week I better get my shit together. You earn your way through it. Giving a person a great lesson will create more work. I initially spent 1000 euro on flyers for my music school. 10,000 FLYERS. I got 4 phone calls and one of them was a man telling me not to post stuff in his letter box when it says no junk mail. From those 3 students I grew my school to 15 in one summer. Having a relationship with the parents or the adult student I believe is the most important thing, then theres being a good teacher. Its not about being the best musician. Imagine Michael Jackson being your teacher. “Mum he keeps replacing his G string”.

Anyway an average day goes like this….

Morning: A lot of the time this is missed due to a gig late the night before or the auld “Ah no lesson till 3pm, ill be grand in bed here till 12” When i do get up early its to either learn some new material, work on my guitar playing, walking the dogs or just a little hungry.

Afternoon: Mostly golf in summer as students tend to be away a lot but when September hits its back to business and full on lessons. Making lesson plans and helping students progress as much as possible. I am always thinking of new things to enhance or change the way things have been done previous, this summer we just started the teen jam sessions (just watch school of rock). “No more secret songs” Always time for a bit of netflix too or youtube to see how others play songs etc. Highly recommend the History of the Eagles. Even if you not a fan its great. Songwriting (This doesn’t happen in the afternoon) possibly too tired from golf and a lot of writers block of late.


Evening: At weekends some Thursdays and some Sundays its giging. I like to mix up the venues so it doesn’t get repetitive and thats also what the venue wants so it works fine. I also like to mix up who I am playing with so the style of gig changes because it can get very monotonous easily. Keep it fresh. I know some bands who won’t change their music and it can seriously impact the people in the band and even a venue or audience. Change is always good. Except for Mumford and sons they struggled with it 🙂 Look at Coldplay, a great example of how to roll with the times. You may not like the band but you must admire a group who can cater to the masses year after year. If I’m not giging then its teaching til 7 home for a movie with the wife or out to dinner maybe a pint with the lads. Bed around 12 every night unless your playing in Sligo until 2:30 am and have to then drive home.


One of the few important things to be able to live life like this is firstly to have a wife or girlfriend whatever that is super supportive and doesn’t mind you sending her a picture of a golf course every day while she works her ass off. Drops you too gigs and waits when you brake your leg or puts up with your face on a Sunday when you’ve done 8 hours giging the night before. The other important thing is to have the courage to go out and do it. put “normality” as they say to one side and work hard to build up a report with managers and bookers, teachers and students. Its the best life. I rarely have a bad day and I genuinely think most people can do it.

“You put your mind to it you can accomplish anything” George Mc Fly

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