Best Gig Ever

Hi folks, its been a while. When there is no good topic popping in then whats the point.

I have been to many gigs over the years, some good, some awful and some unreal. I used to love going to gigs years ago but something changed. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was but I think I am going to start seeing more bands play. I would actually listen to any music being played live. I love it.

The first gig I ever went to when I was old enough to drink was Stereophonics in the point depot, now Three Arena. I was blown away by the musicality of the band and at the time I wouldn’t have been a massive fan. After that gig I began my Indie buzz. Bands like Starsailor, Travis, The Kooks and The Killers came into the fold, some of which I got to see at Oxegen festival a few years later. Of course I was destined to like bands like that having listened to Oasis and the Verve for years before. I remember a singles box set of Oasis songs that my brother Conor would guard with his life but now and again I would sneak a listen.


All through my 20s it was just festivals really that you would gear up for but now again you would catch a new cool band coming to Dublin city. I remember distinctly seeing a band called Athlete in the Village venue and loved every minute of the gig. I wonder what they are at now!. The Rock Werchter festival in Belgium was outstanding. Coldplay, Oasis, Kings of Leon, Bruno Mars, Artic Monkeys, Chemical Bros, Kasabian, Linkin Park, Elbow, Underworld and there was one lad I had never heard of and he blew us all away Magnetic Man. Those days are gone now tho sadly.

The Coronas for me always put on a class show even when we were in school, I always admired what they were doing. Nowadays they are rocking the biggest stages in Ireland and smashing it! Their gig in Kilmainham last summer was epic.

Sometimes tho its not always the biggest gigs that are the best. U2 in Croke park was alright. Sometimes one lad on a tiny stage can top that. Why is that?. Getting to see Sigur ros in the Alexander Palace London was exceptional. They actually made it rain inside. Although Coldplay last year was different gravy. The spectacle alone was out of this world.

The best live Irish band for me at the moment is The Hot Sprockets. They just ooze with swagger and their tunes are banging.

The best single day and worst rolled into one had to be Slane one year. We had Kasabian followed by The Prodigy then Oasis. The sun was Shiiiiiiining and it was an amazing summers day. The walk to the bus after was quite possibly the worst thing ever and I will never go to Slane again because of it. The day I got to see Metallica in Marley park was amazing and I loved every minute, trance like for 2 hours. Some bands should never play outdoor huge gigs for example Mumford and Sons should only ever play indoors. I was right in the middle of the crowd and I could have a full conversation with the people around me. That shouldn’t happen.


So here is my top 5 gigs I ever went to. What are yours??

  1. Hanz Zimmer – Three Arena
  2. Coldplay – Croke park
  3. Oasis – Slane
  4. Sigur ros – Ally Pally
  5. Metallica – Marley park

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