Writing in a Genre

Hey folks, Haven’t written a blog for a while.

Im kinda struggling, its a new year so I have decided after years of not writing much music apart from the instrumental project I worked on for a year or two that is available on soundcloud. Its time I gave the popular music another crack. Thats just the thing though, popular music?? does that mean pop or just, music that is loved by so many, I  dunno.

At this time I am currently writing songs, I am torn though on the genre I should or should not be writing in. Am I just doing what comes easy to me which is a pop ballad, Should I be challenging myself to come up with something new, exciting, or different. The first two songs I have done at home before I go to the studio is the same old easy 1 6 4 5 progression or whatever, The exact stuff I give out about. We have heard it all before.

What I would love to really do is get some of my friends, teachers away for a week and start fresh. Rock and Roll being the only word used! For a writing session, some pre production then. Early Oasis stuff being the mantra, thats what Im really after. Do I have the time. Yes, Do I have the money? I could save. Do I have the personal? I dunno. This is my dream! To write and record a full on rock album. What am I waiting for?. I guess I have been content lately, doing what I am doing and what I know is easy. Yes Im busy doing gigs but Is that what I really want! A man last week gave me 50 euro at the very end of the night in Fire to play my own song! I would’ve done it for nothing of course but insisted.  Just watching this man enjoy my own song was way better than any cover gig I could ever do. Theres something else to it when its yours. I didn’t even know this man or how he even knew this song as I have never put it out there. He told I played it once in another restaurant and it struck a chord with him, no pun. That brings more joy than any other song I could get a reaction from.

So my goal is to get going on this album or Ep or whatever it may be no matter how long it takes I will get it done. I just can’t seem to find what type of genre I am best suited to. If anyone has any advice or can guide me down the right path please do.

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